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The circulation and use of personal protective equipment in the Republic of Serbia is primarily regulated by the Rulebook on Personal Protective Equipment (Službeni Glasnik of the RS, No. 23/2020), which complies with all principles and essential requirements of EU Regulation 2016/425 (Regulation EU 2016/425). According to this Rulebook, all products from the PPE group are classified into PPE category I, II, and III, which are followed in circulation by appropriate compliance documents and other accompanying documentation.

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Decision no. 119-01-176/2020-07 of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia, JUGOINSPEKT BEOGRAD AD is the body appointed to perform the procedure of issuing domestic certificates of conformity for personal protective equipment of the second and third categories based on the corresponding foreign certificates of conformity.

In accordance with this procedure, for many years we have been issuing certificates and other documents on the conformity of products of the second category of PPE (such as: protective footwear, protective gloves, highly visible clothing and accessories, protective equipment for welders, helmets and helmets, equipment for motorcyclists, sports equipment, eye and face protection and other equipment) and products of the third category of PPE (such as: equipment for personal protection against falls from a height, clothing that protects against chemicals and microorganisms, equipment for protection against drowning, equipment that protects against electric shock, masks and other equipment for the protection of respiratory organs, etc.).

You can find more detailed information about the categories of personal protective equipment, as well as other important aspects of the application of the PPE Regulations, on the “TEHNIS” portal – the Sector for Quality and Product Safety of the Ministry of Economy.

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