Accreditations and certificates

Since the establishment of the Accreditation Body of Serbia – ATS to this day, JUGOINSPEKT BEOGRAD has secured and for years has managed to maintain a large number of different accreditations and continues to, in this sense, continuously improve itself following current requirements and the current situation in this area.

These accreditations are particularly important since ATS is a signatory to important international agreements that ensure internationalization and recognition of results in the field of conformity assessment in the EU and other world markets.

The EA MLA Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Accreditation is an agreement, which is signed by the accreditation bodies of EA members and which recognizes the equivalence and reliability of reports and certificates issued by conformity assessment bodies throughout Europe (EA region) accredited by the accreditation bodies of the signatories of the agreement.

May 24, 2012 ATS became a full member of EA when it signed the EA MLA agreement for the following areas: testing laboratories including medical laboratories, calibration laboratories, control bodies and certification bodies for product certification.

ATS is the 27th. May 2014 expanded the area of the EA MLA agreement to the area of certification of management systems and certification of persons. May 24, 2012 ATS signed the ILAC MRA agreement for the areas of testing and calibration, and on October 25, 2012 the ILAC MRA agreement for the area of control was also signed.

ATS is a signatory to the IAF MLA agreement in the area of product certification dated 25 October 2012 year, i.e. from 6 October 2014 for the area of management system certification (QMS and EMS) and from 20. October 2016 year for the field of certification of persons.

JUGOINSPEKT BEOGRAD currently maintains the following accreditations:

Accreditations and certificates

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