Agriculture and food

Traditionally, as well as strategically, agriculture and food production occupy a very important place in the economy of Serbia. In this territory, there are very favorable natural conditions (land and climate) for diverse, both vegetable and livestock agricultural production.

Since its establishment, the experts of JUGOINSPEKT BELGRADE have professionally and dedicatedly performed the tasks of controlling the quality and quantity of products of plant and animal origin in internal traffic as well as during export and import.

Our extensive experience, the use of state-of-the-art measurement and control equipment and technological solutions, the application of current methods and reference standards and the engagement of our entire system guarantee that the necessary control or testing will be carried out professionally and efficiently, without disrupting the production, distribution and storage processes, while minimizing costs.

Control services in the field of agriculture and food products

  • Controlling products for human consumption, including food (cereals, fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable products, oilseeds for industrial processing, spices, coffee and tea, milk and milk products, composite milk products and starter cultures, eggs and egg products , meat and meat products, cattle, pigs, poultry on the slaughter line, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, medicinal herbs, edible mushrooms, fish and fish products, fruit-vine planting material and hop planting material, mill products, biscuits and pasta, vegetable oils, sugar, salt)

  • Monitoring of goods that are the subject of a pledge in the process of obtaining and implementing credit arrangements with commercial banks.

Issuance of the VI 1 form for the export of wine

JUGOINSPEKT BEOGRAD is an organization authorized to issue relevant documents that enable the export of wine, juice and grape pomace to the territory of the European Union (EU).

According to current EU regulations, each shipment of the mentioned products at the border must be supplied with appropriate documents, i.e. VI 1 set of documents that ensure delivery to the EU market.

Also, according to a similar procedure, we control and test wines and grape products and issue the KI 3 form, which is necessary for the export of these products to other world markets.

Testing services in the field of agriculture and food products

  • Chemical, microbiological, biological and biochemical, sensory testing of food (refreshing soft drinks, fruit juices, concentrated fruit juices, fruit nectars, fruit juice powder, beer, bakery products, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and their products, coffee, coffee products and substitutes, teas, cocoa products, chocolate, products similar to chocolate, creams, sugar, grain and mill products, pasta; edible oils, fats of vegetable and animal origin, edible olive oil and edible olive pomace oil, meat and meat products, fish , crustaceans, shellfish, sea urchins, frogs, turtles, snails and their products, milk and milk products, eggs and egg products, honey and honey products, spices, additives for food products, ready and frozen meals, soups, sauces , food additives and related products, mustard, pudding powder, table salt and salt for the food industry.

  • Physical and chemical tests of alcoholic beverages, wine, vinegar, diluted acetic acid, ethyl alcohol (ethanol), tobacco and tobacco products.

  • Chemical, biological, biochemical and microbiological testing of animal feed.

  • Sampling of seeds of agricultural plants and physical, biological and biochemical testing of seeds (seeds of agricultural plants, seeds of agricultural and vegetable crops, industrial and fodder plants, grasses, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants, fruits, tubers, bulbs and cherries that are used as seed material for sowing, planting and propagation).

  • Physical and chemical testing of crockery, accessories and packaging for food products, personal hygiene products, care and beautification of the face and body, household cleaning products, children’s toys and jewelry.

  • Physical, chemical and microbiological testing of water (bottled drinking water).

Certification of strong alcoholic beverages with a geographical indication

Decision no. 320-00-05998/218-08 from August 13, 2019. year, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia, JUGOINSPEKT BELGRADE AD is authorized to carry out production and quality control of fruit brandy with the geographical indication ” ŠUMADIJSKA ŠLJIVOVICA “.

In accordance with this Decision, our staff performs all delegated activities and tasks related to the control of the compliance of production, raw materials, quality and special properties of strong alcoholic beverages with a geographical indication, including issuing CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY controlled product, in an efficient, high-quality, professional and impartial manner, acting in accordance with the Law on Strong Alcoholic Beverages (“Official Gazette of the RS”, number 92/15), by-laws adopted on the basis of it, as well as in accordance with other valid and applicable regulations in the Republic of Serbia.

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