History of Company


An examination station was established

The history of our organization goes all the way back to the 19th century, when in 1898 the Ministry of Economy of the Kingdom of Serbia founded the Station for Agricultural and Chemical Experimentation, which carried out seed control, testing of inorganic fertilizers and animal feed.



Station headquarters

The station was located in Topcider, where it operated until 1914, when it was partially destroyed during the First World War.

gradjevinarstvo jugoinspekt


Activities divided into 4 sections

After the First World War, the reconstruction of the agricultural station began, and after the adoption of the REGULATIONS ON THE AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENTAL AND CONTROL STATION, on November 10, 1919, the activities of the station were divided into 4 sections: agrobotanical, agrochemical, phytopathological and pedo-meteorological.

usluge tehnickog prijema dokumenata


The station is being moved to a new location

The station was moved to a new building where it still functions today in its new organizational form.



A testing laboratory was established

Within the Station, a laboratory was established to test the quality of grapes and wine.




After the end of the Second World War, the Station changed its name to the “TOPČIDER” Institute, and finally, in 1949, by merging with several organizations that had performed similar activities until then, the Station continued to exist under the name JUGOINSPEKT, which marked the beginning of the modern era of our organizations.

Jugoinspekt Beograd


Jugoinspekt Beograd today

Today, JUGOINSPEKT BEOGRAD is a modern organization with over 200 employees, distributed in 6 sectors that provide commercial services within all major economic activities in Serbia and the Balkan region.

Thanks to our complex administrative and technical business system, we are ready at all times to efficiently and adequately respond to the most diverse and complex requests of our clients and provide current and timely information and assistance to all other parties interested in the areas of quality, safety and conformity of products, services and procedures.

Jugoinspekt Beograd
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