Safety and Health at Work

Following the growth and development of the economies of the countries of the Balkan region, there are also dynamic requirements for health and safety at work, which put risk assessment and prevention in the foreground as key points, i.e. the main factors of a safe and productive working environment.

  • Inspections in the field of safety and health at work (periodic inspections of plants, work environment and work equipment).

  • Checking and testing PPE (personal protective equipment).

Laboratory and field tests

  • Examination of noise in the working and living environment.

  • Examination of working and environmental parameters (lighting, microclimate parameters,
    chemical hazards, physical hazards, noise in the living and working environment).

  • Electrical testing of personal protective equipment and electrical products and equipment.

  • Thermal imaging tests of distribution cabinets and equipment.

Administrative services and consulting

  • Development and drafting of risk assessment documents, instructions for safe work, use and maintenance of equipment and other documents in the field of occupational safety and health.

  • Training and testing of employees

  • Other consulting services

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