Examination and analysis

The results of laboratory and field tests represent one of the basic elements for evaluating the conformity of products in relation to the requirements defined by special regulations and standards.

Within our system, there are 5 independent and accredited laboratories that perform sampling, testing, analysis and giving opinions on different types of products, semi-products, materials and components for manufacturing products.

Laboratory and field tests

According to a simple and efficient procedure, we are currently able to offer physical, chemical and sensory laboratory and field tests in the following areas:

  • Tests in the field of oil, oil derivatives, solid mineral fuels and mineral raw materials

  • Tests in the field of quality and safety of agricultural products, food, water, animal feed and general use items (cosmetic products, toys, dishes and other products in contact with food, materials and items in contact with skin and mucous membranes, tobacco, etc.)

  • Tests in the field of seeds of agricultural plants
  • Tests in the field of work and environment
  • Tests in the field of electrical products, electronics and equipment
  • Tests in the field of textiles, textile products, leather and footwear
  • Tests in the field of personal protective equipment
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